Flushometer valve

Milling male, at the edge of the lathe milling thread forming lathe turning tool or optional chaser (see thread processing special tool).


Milling male, at the edge of the lathe milling thread forming lathe turning tool or optional chaser (see thread processing special tool). With formed milling thread lathe tool, because of their simple CNC blade structure parts and small batch manufacturing screw the common artifacts of the product; With chaser milling thread, production efficiency, but the CNC blade structure trival, is Flush Retrofit Kit only suitable for medium and fine milling teeth short thread products in mass production artifacts. Precision CNC lathe milling step-like thread tooth pitch usually only do 8 ~ 9 level; At the edge of the differentiation of threading lathe processing thread, can obviously improve production efficiency and precision. Cutting the thread cutting internal threads, thread cutting workpiece materials basically apply to all products,
And have the best yes, production, processing and coordination ability and maximum production efficiency. Production and processing of screw thread surface neat and bright and clean, and it is not easy to produce radial cutting by mistake. In Flushometer valve view of the difficult processing materials, thread cutting is usually the best production and processing method. Another advantage is: after the CNC blade fracture, very easy from the hole.
Electroplating process was first ultrasound in addition to wax, negative electricity eliminate oil. Electricity eliminate oil, active, passivation treatment, to buy back, in the us, watch, presoak, sensitization, speeding up, the positive method, electronegative solution, water washing, in close, acid copper, active, cleaning, plating Ke, acquisitions, cleaning, stainless steel, etc. Barrel plating layer can make the plating process get more exquisite and institutions, water taps do small defects on the surface of the small eye of a needle, small air Flush valve price flow can be covered, achieve a satisfactory effect. The effect of plating line make faucet surface corrosion resistant performance and can be polishing aspect ratio. Maintain bright stainless steel to avoid erosion, improve surface strength to buy tap water faucet of several methods
See surface: have been finish layer should be light and mirror the first watch gloss. Water taps are main yellow with into, after throwing ring type, table rapture and solve the normal weight layer are only his work さ regulation, hand in hand neutralization fog test, within the time limit set in the asexual image, therefore, when buy to pay more attention to table gong gloss, hand hairless point, air flow, air oxidation, points, water taps and need to see the bright level, table light means more bright and more cost-effective
Handle times is gently turn the beginning ability, have a look at whether light promote flexible, have clear qing heavy feeling, some is to promote production, are in period of inferior quality, the skill in system of norms, and their Concealed Flush Valve price is about 3-4, so don't have to put the faucet price on when choose a specification, the head of good in the revolving door, longxing together with intermediate between without too much open, open easily unimpeded and together, not running deviation: bad between teams and water taps, blocked are also big.