Precision steel tubes

Cold drawn seamless tube what is the production process of cold rolling, cold drawn seamless tube is two kinds of seamless pipe production process


Cold drawn seamless tube what is the production process of cold rolling, cold drawn seamless tube is two kinds of seamless pipe production process, also can use cold rolled, cold drawn, mixed cold drawing and cold rolling production. Using cold drawing process, simple equipment, less investment, easy operation and maintenance, etc. But the disadvantage is that the middle working procedure, low yield. USES Precision steel tubes the cold rolling process equipment is more complex, more investment, but the decrease of the intermediate process, improve the yield and product size of seamless steel tube, steel pipe surface, high precision, especially suitable for high precision seamless steel tubes and thin-wall precision seamless tube production.
Due to the mill roll pass number and cost constraints, finished product specifications cannot too much; The final product of the cold rolling and cold drawing process, with steel tube of good quality, short processing cycle time, the decrease of the intermediate defatted, heat treatment, denial and straightening, save energy, reduce the metal consumption, less raw material specifications, etc. Cold drawn pipe pickling steel tube can be used mixed acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc. Carbon structural steel tube billet and seamless steel tube billet alloy structure appropriate USES pickling, high quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel precision seamless tube billet appropriate USES pickling, nickel chromium Cr and Ni high high alloy seamless steel pipe appropriate USES and the mixture of nitric acid pickling, austenitic stainless steel pipe with hydrofluoric acid pickling.
Cold drawn precision seamless steel tube is used in the mechanical Precision Welded pipes structure, the size of the hydraulic equipment of high precision and good surface finish of precision cold drawn seamless tube. Choose precision seamless tube manufacturing mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment, etc., can greatly save the machining time, improve material utilization, at the same time to improve the quality of the product.
Improve cold drawn seamless pipe production, the first important way is to raise the speed of the mill. If you want to improve the tube rolling speed, must first solve the mill frame of inertia force and inertia torque balance method and the concrete structure, strength and stiffness of every parts and components as well as lubrication, cooling, service life and so on.
In the produce work pressure processing, forging, welding, heat treatment process, drilling produce processing and other processing technology in the whole process, product may form the thermal stress. In most cases, at the end of the processing process, the metal material interior will save a part of the internal stress. Internal stress can be formed workpiece cracks, deformation or stainless steel 304 pipes the product specifications change, internal stress and improve metal organic chemical specificity, under the residual tensile stress effect especially easy to stress corrosion crack. Therefore, the internal stress will affect the performance of the cold drawn seamless tube or formed products artifacts too early is invalid.