collapsible bulk containers

Plastic tray is used in the transportation industry is a lot of advantages, its own product structure is reliable


Plastic tray is used in the transportation industry is a lot of advantages, its own product structure is reliable, the performance is higher than that of wooden pallets, so that it can be very good to reduce the damage of plastic collapsible bulk containers tray and consumption, the common product under normal use of the fixed number of year is usually in 2 years. If wooden pallets for use in the process of exposure to hazardous substances is not to continue to use, but if use plastic tray is not the same, only need to wash them and then disinfected, so that products can be used again.
The applicability of the plastic tray is stronger, the product in the beverage, food, medicine and other industries widely used, customers can also be according to their requirements to product to make the color you need, then add the tag of plastic pallet bins the company or the logo, product when use can be moistureproof, mothproof, very durable, has the advantages of recycling in use. Plastic tray in the process of circulation is mainly in order to protect their products and convenient storage and transportation, in the process of use to ensure that their products will not appear in the process of logistics transportation rust and bad situation, can put the goods on the pallet directly, then wrapped in thin film on it.
Wooden pallet packing its function is to a certain limit, it needs to be in use and combine plastic tray, so that it can greatly improve the efficiency of its logistics operations as well as the quality of the plastic film winding packet, the goods can be very good collapse prevention, moisture-proof, dustproof, etc. Will be a lot of and packaging stacking on the tray. Will form a collapsible pallet bin unitized packaging directly. Use plastic tray can reduce the heavy manual labor, in the transportation or loading and unloading process can reduce the inductrial injury accident, if product and combination use of forklift, can greatly improve the speed of loading and unloading and handling of products, and to improve the efficiency of the operation and shorten the operation time.