Investment casting parts

Mass production sheet metal stamping can create thousands of pieces of the same parts at a time


Mass production sheet metal stamping can create thousands of pieces of the same parts at a time, so this type of manufacturing allows you to maintain quality standards at the same time to make a lot of products effectively. This die casting parts benefit is mainly suitable for simple shape, don't need a lot of custom parts. Easy to use shear machine, punch and bending die make up most of the sheet metal stamping tool, so this type of manufacturing is relatively easy to learn. If you have employees are familiar with the basic machine operation, they may know how to stamping metal plate, and there won't be too much trouble.
Multi-functional sheet metal stamping is a kind of very general manufacturing technology, to create a variety of shapes and sizes of parts. This makes it need mass production enterprise's a good choice. In addition, this type of press can create simple and complex parts. Sheet metal stamping has an inherent high rejection rate. Stamping die for the normal work of the need to level off, smooth Investment casting parts surface of the metal plate. If the board, the effect will be very poor, metal must be scrapped. Because the manufacturing process to the metal plate of large area, you might waste a lot of is not in conformity with the quality standards of small. Obviously, mass production can increase the amount of waste you.
Is not easy to customize the simple and clear, almost do not need to customize the machine parts, sheet metal stamping technology is used the best effect. Simple shape and curve makes it easy to make and cheap. However, due to the design and the additional labor cost needed to complete the project, on the custom projects or highly detailed parts when using this technique, you may need to pay more fees. Limited in size selection sheet metal stamping is designing and manufacturing the simple components of the best choice, but if you die casting parts need a more complex or more detailed parts, this may not be the best choice. Sheet metal stamping parts used in cannot be easily produce the close curve or complicated details, therefore, if your component design complex, you may have to look for other methods.